is truly pitiful - shovelware at its finest - shovelware at its finest

I spent some time yesterday wondering why the FT and  BBC didn’t name the Sunday Tribune as the Dublin paper telephoned by the Real IRA to claim responsibility for its murder of two soldiers at Massereene Army base in Antrim.

The Telegraph named it, as did the Irish Times and Guardian.

I can only assume that the BBC and FT decided that if the website of the Sunday paper that took the call — on Saturday evening —  isn’t going to bother changing the lame budget story it carried as its Sunday splash then why should they namecheck it?

At a push, I suppose you could link to the four-line story, Adams condemns fatal attack on soldiers that you can see — second — in the ‘Breaking News’ feed on the right.

They got the call on the biggest North story in years — first British soldier killed in 12 years.

OK, it’s Saturday night, maybe the print run is finished. But to not even update your website?

Jesus wept. Truly shoddy work.