Hurling Irish media into the 21st century – no?

While it would have been much more fun to attend, I still immensely enjoyed the #media2020 conference that took place yesterday in Croke Park, Dublin. There could have been a few more “hurling Irish media into the 21st century” puns, but what are you going to do? Those tweeters present kept the geographically disadvantaged at least some way informed.

It also would have been much more expensive for me to attend – €199 for a ticket alone (thanks for the correction, Jack) –  but on balance, the reaction from those present seems to be that it was worth it.

Two reservations from someone watching from across the Irish Sea and solely via Twitter. Firstly, the scarlet Clupea harengus that is “the app”. So far, they are a “pay once” business model – that might prop up some papers, such as the Guardian, but not in any sustainable way. I suspect the Guardian’s impressive figures will drop off once the monthly fee is announced. Apps also depend on that old “closed garden” chestnut. If the PC/open web experience is richer and replicable on a non-Apple handset (android, symbian, mobile windows 7: ie the majority), then there goes the business model. And with it the iPad.

Always a danger at conferences, buzzwords also seemed to take hold – although “the  long game” was repeated so often that it became more of a buzz phrase, and just as annoying. I don’t know if the 2020 irony was intended, but isn’t that what they say about hindsight? Anyone who can predict 10 years hence is a kingmaker – most media outlets would settle for six-12 months, because many know they don’t have 1o years left. The “long view” notion seemed a bit blinkered and aimed at small start-ups rather than established media.

On the positive side, Mulley repeated his vital iteration mantra – Irish media are screwed if they sit around waiting for somebody else to come up with a model that works – they need to find what works and soon.

On the Irish side, I would also have liked to see Fiach MacConghail (the Abbey sounds like a good success case study) and Mark Little (just to figure out what he’s up to – “this shit is wack” – really?).

As I write, I am coming across Hugh Linehan’s take.

And as I tweeted earlier, I think most of Bernie’s predictions have already come to pass, but find it hard to believe that’s a surprise to him.

Blathnaid has a good telepresence summary on the day.

Should anyone figure out what Maeve Donovan meant by short-form, in-depth journalism, I’m all ears.

Well done to all involved. I’ll be booking a ticket to next year’s.