Where’s your website, Irish Daily Mail?

The Irish Daily Mail says it is putting on sales, but it’s web presence won’t win many readers. A parking ticket scam (from Liverpool), a story about the UK Ministry of Defence breaking up its Nimrod surveillance aircraft (from January 28) and a half-finished promotional “puff” for the Ashes 2010-2011.

I know Ireland beat you at cricket boys, but you may be overestimating the average Irishman’s desire to hear about the glorious thwack of leather on willow.

Come on Martin Clarke, sort your website out!!!
Is this really what the Daily Mail thinks its online Irish readers are interested in?

2 thoughts on “Where’s your website, Irish Daily Mail?

  1. This misses the point, the Mail’s web site is the second largest Newspaper site in Ireland and globally because it covers celeb Showbiz etc.
    Let the Indo cover Enda…

    1. The Mail is the third biggest newspaper website in Ireland, according to http://www.alexa.com/topsites/countries/IE and fifth “news” site when rte and bbc are taken into account.
      Globally, it’s behind BBC, CNN, The Huffington Post and The New York Times.
      The point is that it devotes significant resources to publishing a distinctive Irish edition of its papers but chooses to carry few of its Irish stories online.
      It carries UK political and news stories on its website next to the acres of celebrity guff. Why no Irish news stories?

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