Words fail me … but graphics fail the Irish Times

That's one ugly Irish Times graphic

What do these represent - the black holes the country has instead of banks?

Now I am all for telling stories visually, but occasionally you have to say stick with the text. The graphic on Friday morning’s Irish Times added nothing that couldn’t have been achieved with a single-column graph. It also looks as if it has been through the committee mangle.

While it is great that the Times has a pop at occasionally telling a finance story using graphics, it would be nice if they tried it in a braver fashion. They’ve got the people who can do it – why not let them off the leash?

Let’s face it, the numbers, though large, are easy to grasp. If you cannot make the graphic work, why not just run a simple bar chart to break up the copy and let Martyn Turner tell the story?

And for the love of God, lose the beige background. You’ve had full colour for a decade – it’s time to start using it.


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